Fitness Pilgrim

imageI am driven by the desire to have as full and complete experience on this planet as possible.

Fitness Pilgrim is a project born from travel. From the need for fitness that facilitates as many and as varied challenges as possible – the ability to jump into anything, open to experience. To be an anywhere athlete.

The FP method is a set of principles and progressions to work on. It is the blueprint to the anywhere athlete. It will provide the base fitness and movement capability to adapt to any challenge, anywhere.

Fitness Pilgrim is born out of awe and appreciation for the gift of life.

One day you were born.
One day you will die.
The time in between is yours.

fit·ness pil·grim
1. A wayfarer in pursuit of self mastery and adventure.
2. One who embarks on a quest for physical challenges in foreign lands.
3. An individual devoted to physical conditioning and life’s awesome experience.