Personal Training

Unfortunately John is fully booked at the moment. to register for the waiting list, please email.

John Cann takes an holistic approach to health and fitness. Each programme is as unique as you are, tailor made to fit around you and your goals.

We discuss and analyse your values, your health and fitness goals and begin a detailed assessment of your current physical state, nutritional profile and lifestyle habits.

Your Training begins with an initial stage of corrective exercise, based on your physical profile. Throughout this stage, any postural disorders, mobility deficits or muscle strength/flexibility imbalances are addressed.

After this initial stage your periodised programme develops through a number of different stages, designed to challenge your strength, fitness, speed and co-ordination; taking you step by step towards your true health goals.

Prices start at £400 for a 10 session programme.
Long term commitment bookings also available.

“When I started on the PT journey I thought it would involve mainly training with weights, however John has enlightened me with a holistic approach to fitness. His organic and unique style has improved not only my strength but my; flexibility, agility, balance and mobility. I have begun to unlock my potential and do not see any limits”

David – 44

To inquire about Personal Training with John, please contact us.